Pokemon Go Joystick Android 2021 – Alternatives & Guide

Welcome to the pokemon go joystick android 2021 alternative guide for gamers. The game is developed with the same concept as seen in comics where we have to hunt Pokemons around our surroundings. As we have to perform a physical walk to discover the animals, many people find that’s exhausting.

That is why people are searching for pokemon go joystick android alternatives to save their energy. And most probably it may help to avoid real-life accidents that may happen due to distractions while walking around & playing the game. So, we are releasing this article to help you understand the reality of Pokemon Go and if there are really joystick for it.

Pokemon Go Joystick Android

Pokemon Go Joystick Android Guide

When Pokemon Go was released in 2016, a new era of Augmented Reality gaming started on mobile platforms. It became a play store sensation by getting more than 500 million downloads on its first opening year in 2016. It had only 150 species of Pokemon animals during the initial release phase but the numbers have increased to 600 new species by the end of 2020. The game went on becoming a global success by generating a revenue of  4+ billion dollars but also created controversy by causing multiple accidents and nuisance.

Apart from that, people are now looking for solutions to the walk that one has to take while playing Pokemon Go, especially those who live in lockdown areas. But be aware that using a joystick on Pokemon Go might have its own consequences & we are sharing this guide for information purposes only.

Warning: Our website proapps99.com is made to educate people. These steps mentioned in this article might be risky to your Pokemon Go accounts. So, risk it on your own, as we will not be responsible for any loss because we are here to give ideas to people on how things work. Take this post as only educational material to share with your friends.

Pokemon Go Android Joystick Alternative: FGL Pro

‘FGL Pro’ is an android application that helps you change your GPS location in order to play Pokemon Go without moving outside of your house. Switching co-ordinates without changing your actual geodetic position was not possible then unless you root your device. But rooting comes with many risks and may wipe out your framework and warranty license of the phone. But ‘FGL Pro’ is that app that can easily modify GPS coordinates without rooting the phone, ensuring the safety of your device.


Is there a joystick for pokemon go?

Actually, Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game. Therefore, there is no actual physical hardware joystick made for Pokemon Go yet.

How do I use the GPS joystick for pokemon go 2021?

As far as we know, you can switch the GPS coordinates of your device using the FGL Pro app.  That’s how you change your mobile’s location. But we are not sure how safe this method is for your Go account. So, use it at your own risk.

Which Joystick is best for Pokemon Go?

Since there is no physical hardware available in the market that can be used as a joystick for Pokemon Go, we cannot recommend any for you as of late. We will inform you if any Pokemon Go joystick gets released in the near future. So, stay connected with our site proapps99.com for the updates.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, the authors and developers of Pokemon Go should have allowed people to play without moving because it would have caused less exhaustion, nuisance, and fewer accidents. However, it is completely safe if you play in an open field, or an empty stadium grounds. Just avoid AR gaming on crowded places like Train or Bus station, trafficked roads, or risky places to avoid accidents, as we care for our readers. So, tell me in the comments about your opinion on the pokemon go joystick android guide.  Did it help you?

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