Mobile Network Prefixes in Philippines – 2021 Guide (What Network)

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to the mobile network prefixes in the Philippines. Hundreds of networks came into the horizon of providing telecommunication services and help people connect in the country. The key benefits were extended communication, remote job, efficient teamwork, improving customer relations, and saving time & money.

Initially, there were only two SIM providers in the Philippines, among which Globe was founded in 1935. But, with the increasing trend of digitization, the amount of sim card providers have drastically increased in the Philippines in the last 10 years. Over time, the number of users reached 103 million in 2012, due to which the demand for increasing prefixes raised.

This increase in SIM subscribers led to the creation of hundreds of pin codes, obviously. That’s why it’s difficult to remember every number in use for a normal brain. So, this article will tell you about what network in the Philippines are using a certain sim prefix and their facts.

So, keep reading till the last verse to get more detail on Philippines Mobile Networks.

what network philippines guide

What Network Philippines Guides

In today’s world, a lot of people have access to the Internet and network at home or work. However, there may still be a particular segment of society that can not use the Internet. Either way, they have limited access to the World Wide Web. For such folks, you might have a choice of selecting one of the many phone networks available.

Since the time cellphones were introduced, the number of telecommunication users have already reached 115.85+ million subscribers only in the Philippines. In fact, this huge number has forced companies to introduce multiple mobile network prefixes in 2021. After that, brands like Smart, Sun, and Globe started to dominate the market. There are 3 sizeable mobile network providers in the country, namely, as of this moment:

  • Smart
  • Globe
  • Sun Mobile.

In today’s world, a lot of people have access to the Internet and network at home or work. However, there may still be a particular segment of society that can not use the Internet. Either way, they have limited access to the World Wide Web. For such folks, you might have a choice of selecting one of the many phone networks available.

This world has come an extended way in terms of data technology. The amount of mobile SIM providers is additionally increasing with the number of mobile numbers. Also, it would take a lot of effort and a waste of time to memorize every sim card available in the Philippines.

Smart Communications

Smart is a subsidiary company of PLDT Inc. (Philippine Long Distance Telephone company). And it was founded in 1991. Investors & entrepreneurs David T. Fernando and Orlando B. Vea created this network to liberalize the telecom industry. In 1993, they were granted franchises and authorized to operate as mobile cellular services. After 2 decades, the company has already reached 58.3 million subscribers as per a released data in 2017.

Founded in 2001, Smart provides a wide range of services and networks from 2G to 4G. They are currently working on expanding LTE-A in major areas of the country.

Sun Cell

As of the moment, Sun Cell has made its way to the list of top network suppliers, rest being subsidiaries. Orange and Smart are two of the largest mobile phone service providers in the country. They’re the two services that have made their way to the first and second locations on the list of suppliers. Both of these companies, as well as the rest of the subsidiaries, still need more clients. In the end, they could reach the top ranks in the Philippines.

Besides the popularity, these networks have also made their way into the top two spots concerning customer satisfaction. Clients usually give positive feedback about the quality of the services, affordability, and the variety they offer. They also tend to favor strategies and deals with any other supplier. It’s because of their quality services and the high value they place into their plans. The service delivery of these two companies is regarded as above average by the majority of users.

Apart from the quality of its service, the network provider is also known for its reliability. As we all know, these providers offer good deal features concerning calling, text messaging, e-mails, and the like. In a state where telecommunications are critical, people tend to prefer a reliable and fast network provider over unstable ones. They’re also known for their high levels of service reliability and quality of service.

Features of a good network service

Before you pick a network provider, be sure you understand what your needs are. There are several plans and packages that you can choose from. But know exactly what you need in terms of high-speed connectivity and the quality of services you will get.

A fantastic network provider in your area should be able to supply you with high-speed connections with free long-distance charges if ever your connection drops. If your connection stops because of an issue, you should still have access to all of your services. Even if it takes a few hours to connect again. The best network provider should have the ability to give you enough time to send and receive all your messages and calls.

Alright, let’s check out what other mobile networks & their code represents.

0920 What Network Prefix Smart or TNT

0920 what network philippines smart or tnt

 Any or what network that starts with 0920 or 63920 (in other formats) is a sim prefix of Smart Communications.  However, TNT (Talk ‘N Text) is also a cellular service provided by Smart that offers low-cost packages to its users for internet data, SMS, and calls. Therefore, both 0920 and TNT belong to the same company known as Smart.

0921 What Network

0921 what network philippines

With more than 200 sim prefixes ranging from 0800 to 0900, we can barely remember all the codes. Therefore, to make things easier, we’re now going to discuss the 0921 number. For your information, the 0921 network is a prefix of Smart Communications, a subsidiary of PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company). Sometimes, an alternative number of 63921 is used.

How to call a 0921 number?

It is super easy to make a call within the Philippines if the owner is using a Smart sim. We just need to dial 0921 first and then followed by the 11 digits mobile number. Always confirm to have a proper load balance for smooth communications. For international calls, dial +63 with a 10 digit phone number.

0923 Network

0923 what network in the philippines

0923 is a prefix of SUN Telecoms. As for the best network suppliers, both Sun Mobile and Orange are considered to be the leaders in the country. This is made possible due to the affordable prices and excellent development in technology. Most users in the Philippines still opt for the two companies because of these very reasons.

0926 What Network

0926 What Network Philippines Detailed Guide

Many popular influential networks are currently operating within the Philippines including Globe Telecom, TM and Smart Communications. Among them, 0926 is a prefix of both Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) as they are subsidiaries of one another. To make a call within Globe or TM, just dial 0926 followed by eleven digits phone number. For instance, 09262376761 might be a random mobile number belonging to the two networks.

0950 What Network

0950 What Network philippines

The top two cellular networks in the Philippines are Globe and Smart Communications, and they have many subsidiaries. Similarly, there are hundreds of sim prefixes in the country like 0923, 0926, 0955, and many more. These are difficult to remember unless you have a strong memory power.

The ‘0950’ prefix is made by the TNT network, also known as Talk ‘N Text, that will help you apply any promo code or offer from the provider. It is the first four of the 11 digits mobile number to make communication and call in the Philippines. For example, a number in the format 0950xxxxxxx is a TNT sim card.

Now, to make international calls through TNT, the preferred number format is +63 at the beginning followed by the 10 digit number. This will charge you relatively less than calling directly using the country code.

If you are looking for extremely low-cost packages and unlimited offers for call, text, and mobile data, then the TNT network could be the right choice for you. Also, these prefixes might update or change anytime next year. Therefore, you can bookmark us to get informed about the changes made in sim card prefixes in the future. Anyways, how did this guide about 0950 what network helped you? Tell in the comments below.

0955 What Network

If you want to discover whether 0955 what network Philippines is globe or smart, you’re at the right place. Before applying any text promo offers and tri-net call system offered by multiple sim cards in the Philippines, we must know their prefix correctly. These networks are utilizing the subsidiaries of one another to text and call in the various promo bundles.

The ‘0955’ prefix is made for ‘Touch Mobile’ (TM) sim cards used for making unlimited communication with Globe landline services. To make this work, Smart users must be subscribed to UNLI promo offers with maintaining a P1.00 balance.

Now, to make a call within the country Philippines through the 0955 mobile networks, simply put 0955 before the eleven digits phone number. For international calls, just type +63 followed by the cell-address.


What network is 0920?

0920 is a Smart Telecommunications mobile number.

Is Touch Mobile Globe or Smart?

According to Wikipedia, TM (Touch Mobile) is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, which is the largest mobile network service provider in the country. Touch mobile was formerly known as Islacom & it was founded on September 12, 2001. Its headquarters is in the BGC, Manila, Philippines.

How can you tell what phone service someone has?

There are multiple ways to identify the network service provider. First of all, you can look at the sim cover that may have the logo of the company printed on it. Secondly, use a call identifier application like truecaller and try dialing through it. It will automatically show you the service name on top. Last but not least, there's a functionality known as 'Sim Toolkit' which is installed in every device that we can use to discover more info about the sim card provider.

How can I check mobile number network in the Philippines?

You can check the mobile number network using our website or multiple other online sources to identify the sim card prefixes and record it. Moreover, there're separate USSD codes provided by every company for helping users to identify them.

What network is 0921?

If you are wondering what mobile network is 0921, then we want to make sure that it is made for the Smart Communications sim users.

Is 0921 a globe?

No, 0921 is not a globe number.

How do I find out what network a number on?

We can find out an unknown network using an application known as Truecaller. If the internet is on, the Truecaller will display network information when we receive a call. Moreover, we can also manually find the network by opening the app and searching through its interface. Similarly, there is a website known as Fone Finder which is a directory to find what network a mobile number is on.

How can I boost my network signal?

To improve the network signal, remove any type of thick plastic or cover lamination that might be blocking the antenna. Similarly, go to an open area like the field, roof, or window of the house to clear obstacles between the tower and the phone. In addition, we can turn off other signals like WiFi and Bluetooth that might cause distortion at some level. Last but not least, we can try switching to different versions of mobile networks (2G, 3G, LTE, or other) and check for any damages, scratches, or dust in the SIM card surface.

Is 0923 Smart or Globe?

0923 is neither smart nor a globe number. In fact, 0923 is a sun network.

How do I know if a number is globe or smart?

For every sim card provider, there are USSD codes that you need to dial in order to determine whether your number is globe or smart.

Is 0950 a globe number?

No, 0950 is not a globe number.

What cellular network is 0950?

0950 is a TNT (Talk 'N Text) cellular network prefix.

Is talk and text Globe or Smart?

Talk and Text aka TNT is a service provided by Smart Communications, a subsidiary company of PLDT Inc.

How do I know my sim network?

In most of the android devices built in the latest version, you can check the sim network by navigating to Settings > Sim Cards & Mobile Networks. There you can discover the name of sim card, if not previously edited manually by a human. Similarly, check the network providers' manual and dial their respective USSD codes to determine the sim network.

Is 0955 a globe or TM number?

TM stands for 'Touch Mobile.' Globe and TM both are the same mobile network. Therefore, 0955 is both TM & Globe number prefix.

What network is 0921?

0921 is a Smart mobile number prefix.

Is 0951 smart or globe?

The 0951 prefix belongs to the Smart Communications network.

Final Words

We have tried our best to cover queries about various mobile networks in the Philippines. Now you can safely dial using a correct prefix without being confused by the other network codes. It will prevent you from calling the wrong number and save your interconnection call rates mobile balance.

On the contrary, if you get stuck in finding the network details in the future, you can bookmark our site or follow us on social media to remain updated. In the end, I hope that we delivered all the knowledge about the mobile network from this article. You can now dial calls, text, and buy data very easily and cheaply. As your turn, tell us in comments below if this guide was useful for you.

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