How To Delete Certain Emojis on Android From Recent [Complete Guide]

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Today, we will explain how to delete certain emojis on android from recently used bar step by step. Emojis are one of the most important parts of our electronic life, whether we are sending messages or posting a comment. They express our emotions and facial reaction when we read or view something online.

If you are looking to clear or delete certain emojis that were recently used on your phone, then you’ll enjoy this guide. This prevents sending of unnecessary emoji accidentally while typing fast on the keyboard. So, to get more information on emojis, keep reading till the end.

how to delete certain emojis on android

How to delete certain emojis on android

Before trying any trick, backup all your files because you may unknowingly lose data if any mistakes happen, risking on your own. There are multiple methods to remove recently used emojis on android as listed below.

1. Clear Gboard Data

  • Navigate to  Settings > Apps > Manage Apps .
  • Find and tap on ‘Gboard’.
  • Select ‘Clear Data’ and confirm the process.

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2. Disable Emoji Browsing Suggestion

  1. Open any text editor app like notes or any other and start writing.
  2. Long press the emoji icon on the keyboard and wait until various options appear.
  3. Then swipe right to enter settings. Alternatively, go to the phone’s  system settings > Additional settings > Languages & input > Manage Keyboards > Settings (located under Gboard) .
  4. Select ‘Preferences’.
  5. Turn off the ’emoji browsing suggestions’ radio button.
  6. Also, disable ‘show emoji switch key’ and ’emoji fast access bar’ found beneath.

3. Turn off Predictive Content Search

  • Go to Gboard settings as explained above.
  • Tap on the option ‘Search’.
  • Then turn off the ‘predictive content search’ button.

Final Words

Honestly, you cannot remove the emojis entirely from the Gboard as it is the default system app for android. However, you can still control where the emojis should appear using the steps mentioned above. Before leaving, we want to ask that did this post about how to delete certain emojis on android helped you? Either way, you might have found other solutions too. Tell us below using the comment form. [c ya]

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