5 Free Best Android Games For January 2021 [Editor’s Choice & Review]

This article is the list of the top 5 best android games in 2021 January that are great time killers and entertain you to the fullest. With the evolvement of technology, android has upgraded and millions of high-quality games are available. Among them, we are presenting you with our list of the most favorite editor’s choice android games to play, that are free to download on the Google Play Store.

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Best Android Games 2021 January [Free]

Alright, let’s jump right into it and check our top 5 games list.

1. PUBG Mobile

Everybody’s heard about the Player’s Unknown Battleground Royale. The new feature of the game is that it has reduced app size for smooth running in low spec hardware. Also, PUBG has added new modes for arcades such as team deathmatch and war. Basically, PUBG was the first battle royale game introduced in the Android OS. Over the years, it reached such huge popularity that it is now the most downloaded video game on Google Play Store with installs of over 100 million downloads and more. The best part about PUBG is that it gives a realistic graphics environment, the details on models, and the ability to form a team, communicate with them, and win “CHICKEN DINNER!!!”.

2. Ludo Club

Let’s be straight, many people consider Ludo Club being unfair with their dice algorithm. But hey, it’s the funniest part. You have to guess what dice will you get next and perform the move according to your subconsciousness. Best of all, this game is all about your decision-making ability and the steps you take next. Exciting, isn’t it?

‘Ludo Club’ is a dice board game based on the Indian & South Asian originality real-world game ‘Ludo‘. The game is a multiplayer strategy concept, played between two, three, or four players. We can also create 2 vs 2 partnership matches. It is a race to bring the tokens home, also known as ‘Gotti’ (in Indian language). The first player or team to bring all the tokens inside the yard are declared as the winners.

Why ludo club only? See, there are hundreds of Ludo games available in the Play Store. Still, we chose ‘Ludo Club’ because it has the best graphics, interface, navigation system, and chat. We can also play Ludo Club with our social media friends from Facebook and send them different animated emojis during the gameplay.

3. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D, also known as WR3D, is one of the rarest games in which we can perform almost all sorts of pro wrestling moves. The controls take us back to the ’90s where we played on a TV Playstation with button filled remote control. Although the buttons are present digitally on the screen, it makes performing the moves & combinations so easy, bringing the classic games ‘feel’ back.

The best part about WR3D is that Mat Dickie (developer) has prepared the setup with huge research on the real-world professional wrestling industry. You will enjoy the scripts, career, and booking mode. Apart from that, you can get your own finisher, and decorate your character with different pieces of equipment, custom entrance song, and custom arena (for booking).

4. Call of Duty

Similar to PUBG, Call of Duty is another arcade and battle royale shooting game introduced in 2019 for the first time on the android platform (although it was already released on other bigger platforms before). After just one year of release, the game is competing heavily with the likes of PUBG and Garena Free Fire.

What makes it different from PUBG is that it is not only made for battle royale lovers. There are people who have habits of playing deathmatches on PC or Playstation, like a popular game known as Counter-Strike. So, apart from the 100 men survival battle, COD gives us modes like deathmatch, capture the flag, war, sniper only, one shot one kill, weapons training, and more on multiple maps.

My personal opinion on this game is that it gives the enjoyment of shooting games to its fullest. Not to mention the features like wingsuit that automatically open up when you jump from high altitude or cliffs. There are also abilities and scorestreaks like Ninja, Poltergeist, Nuclear Attack, Air Defense, and so many more. The only drawback is that the developers are still managing to find solutions for lagging on low spec android phone. After playing the game, I can tell you by my experience that you will need at least 2Gb of free space and a lightning-fast internet connection to run COD smoothly.

5. Teen Patti Gold

Most of us are addicted to playing card games. So, Teen Patti Gold, developed by Moonfrog, is for you. This real-time multiplayer gambling game lets us play the famous 3 Patti along with Rummy, Poker, and Cricket predictions. There are modes like AK47 in which the cards containing letters A, K, 4, & 7 turns into joker cards. Similarly, there are ‘Andar Bahar’ games and tournaments as well.

Final Verdict

Hope you enjoy reading our editor’s choice of the top 5 best android games to play in January 2021. Now it is your turn to tell us your favorite game in the comments box below. [C U]

Note: We are not affiliated with any of the games, applications, or software mentioned above. This article should be taken for information purposes only.

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