Amazon App Keeps Crashing Android Fix for 2021 [Tutorial]

This article is a guide to fix the amazon app keeps crashing android error. If the popular online shopping app keeps freezing, loads slow, or keeps crashing for no reason, then this tutorial will help you.

Notably, Amazon is a trending company for online shopping that is generating billions of revenue every year. Currently, there are millions of products available to shop and the Amazon app is a mini mobile version of the main company website. Since the purchasing of goods is made from the server, the amazon app will require an internet connection.

So, we are going to explain a few of these things to let the app function properly on your device. So, keep reading this tutorial till the end for more exciting information & solutions.

amazon app keeps crashing android fix

How to fix amazon app keeps crashing android

Well, after doing multiple research on forums online & combining our past experience, we’re excited to explain the possible fixes for the Amazon app crash. Please try one solution at once and test the fix before moving to the next one. Alright, let’s get started.

Fix 1: Clean up space

Amazon is a huge app that keeps downloading content from the server and requires a lot of memory storage. So, our first fix is to make sure there is enough storage capacity to store the files. At least 3 GB or more free storage space is recommended by us. You can do that in multiple ways like uninstalling apps and games that you don’t use anymore. We can also clear cache for rarely used but important apps. Also, delete duplicate multimedia files from internal storage like photos, videos, or music files that are less important. Similarly, there are residual files and leftovers from the uninstalled applications, clean them manually or by using a cleaning app.

Fix 2: Reset Amazon App

A common reason why most apps crash is that their system files might be corrupt, modified, or damaged. By resetting them, we can bring the app to its default configuration status. We can do that by clearing cache and data. Here’s how (make sure to keep a backup of your account and important data before performing these steps):

  1. Launch the settings.
  2. Navigate to Apps settings.
  3. Then open Amazon settings.
  4. First, try using the clear cache feature & test by launching the app.
  5. If it still crashes, follow the first three steps again. This time click on ‘Clear Data’ & confirm it.

Now, launch the amazon app and test if it works.

Fix 3: Reinstall or update the app

It is also possible that the app keeps crashing due to compatibility issues, firmware changes, or the release of updated versions. Therefore, we can long press on the amazon app from the home screen and select uninstall. Once, it is complete, open the Google Play store and reinstall the amazon app as a possible fix.

Fix 4: Reboot, update or reset device

These solutions require backup as there are possibilities of data loss. You can copy all the important files to external storage, or transfer them to a PC using a data cable. Once a backup is finished, reboot the device by long-pressing the volume + power + home button & select ‘reboot’. In Redmi models, the reboot option opens up after long pressing the power button.

Still, if the app is crashing, go to settings > about phone > check for updates by turning on the internet & update your device if there are new releases or bundles available. If it is up to date, our next option is to reset the entire phone that wipes out all the data. Remember that you are performing this at your own risk and we will not be responsible for any loss of data.

Here’s how to reset any android device:

  • Navigate to Settings > System.
  • Select ‘Reset Options’.
  • Go ahead and tap on ‘Factory Reset’.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and select ‘Erase Everything’.

Wait until the process completes and the phone reboots. Make sure to use a charger or have a full battery life before performing the factory reset because a power shortage could cause new errors. Hopefully, this should allow the Amazon App to function properly after all the steps are completed.


Why does Amazon app keep crashing?

The Amazon app might crash due to some kind of glitch, lack of space on phone, the release of a new version, or weak internet connection as it is an online shopping app that requires data.

How do you fix an app that keeps crashing on android?

To fix an app that keeps crashing, you can force stop it, then either clear it’s cache or data. Make sure to keep a backup before such actions because you might lose your work. Similarly, we can also free up internal storage memory by removing unwanted residual files and update the app if it’s new version is released. Last but not least, we can try rebooting/restarting the device, granting necessary permissions at our own risk, and reinstalling the app from the original play store.

Why does an app keep closing?

In most cases, an app might keep closing because your device is running out of storage due to overloading of files or requires more RAM. On the other hand, some apps require the internet to work. So, if your mobile data or WiFi connection is slow, the app might close.

What happens when you force stop an app?

When we force stop an android app, the ‘Activity Lifecycle’ of the app goes to a state of halt. It will terminate all the activities and processes that the app might be performing. Forcing stop an app helps to clean up some RAM space as it won’t be able to access its cache files and helps the device to run more smoothly at some level.

Final Words

We hope that this tutorial on methods to fix the amazon app keeps crashing android error has helped you fix the problem. Let us know if you are able to use the Amazon app after applying the solutions mentioned above. Also, if you are still unable to launch the Amazon app on android, feel free to post the details in the comments below.

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